Will there be widespread deployment of such a thing as Community Television and if so, what might be its shape, what might be its essential features, and what role might it play in development? Community television could play a huge role in empowering local communities in the same way as community radio does now. Community television could play a strong role in stimulating development dialogue, supporting local economies, be a vehicle for decentralised government egovernance and share local content in local language and local culture a local voice.
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Links to other Gamos sites

Community Television for the Poor

Gamos is a small but influential company working with the social factors surrounding development interventions, organisational development, technology use and transfer.
The following are links to some of their projects:

The Remittances and mobile phones project is researching ways mobile phones can be used to send migrant remittances.

The Telecoms in Africa site, telafrica.org, presents the findings of two projects researching the use of telecommunications amongst the rural poor in Africa and Asia.

The Sustainable ICTs project researched the sustainablility factors involved in integrating ICTs into ongoing development activities.

The Community Telecentres for Urban Youth project explored a local content based model of community telecentres.

The e-Commerce and Handicrafts project looked at how craft producers could take advantage of the internet and e-commerce opportunities to sell their goods.

The Sustainalbe Livelihoods and energy project aimed at assisting general extension workers to be aware of energy in thier grassroots work.

The Displaced Person Domestic Energy project demonstrated the use of a new psychosocial survey tool to assess environmental and energy concerns.

The Exit Strategies for Resettlement of Drought Prone Populations project assessed the various approaches to the handover of water pumps in resettlement areas from an external organisation to the local community.

The Art for Social Change site describes the work of Bill Crooks

Be sure to visit the personal site of Simon Batchelor.